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Our laying hens are given free access to an acre of land to peck their way through brush, grass, dirt and trees, as well as chicken feed. These eggs have nice, vibrant, orange yolks and thick shells. The shells of our eggs vary in color from white to tan to brown to green to blue!

  • Prices:
    • 1dz eggs: $5
    • 1.5dz eggs: $7.50

Meat Birds (Whole and Cuts)

Our meat birds are the polar opposites of the usual run-of-the-mill chicken that most Americans are used to. Our birds are raised on a combination of grass and feed, out in nature.

Once at the proper weight our birds are processed and usually weigh between 3 and 5 lbs. We offer both whole chicken and different cuts of chicken in the form of wings, legs and thighs, and breast. Prices are provided below. Prices vary from year to year based on the cost of feed.

  • Meat Bird Prices
    • Whole Chicken
      • $4.50/lb
    • Chicken Portions
      • Chicken Breast: $10/lb
      • Chicken Wings: $6.25/lb
      • Chicken Drumstick + Thigh: $6.75 per lb

We try to price competitively. Here is the NC Dept of Agriculture monthly price report for Pasture Raised Poultry and other small-farm products for comparison

Stew Birds (Available Sporadically)

Our stew birds are old laying hens and old roosters. These birds have tougher meat than your usual chicken, but have a great flavor. This makes them perfect for soups and stocks.

  • Prices
    • Whole Chicken: $4.00/lb

Heritage Birds and Barnyard Mixes

These birds are young laying hens and cockerels. They are similar to the stewbirds, but average only 3-6 months old vs the 1.5-3 year old stew birds. We raise these birds ourselves from chicks, to adults. These birds have smaller breasts, less breast meat and more dark meat when compared to our meat birds. These birds cost more to produce than our typical meat chickens since they grow much slower, yet consume just as much feed and pasture.

  • Prices
    • Whole Chicken: $5.50/lb

Red Chickens

These chickens grow slower than our meat birds. They have darker feathers, more dark meat, and have slightly tougher meat than your usual grocery store chicken. These birds have a more energetic disposition than meat birds, and are generally healthier. Because of the slower growth rate they cost slightly more per pound versus our typical meat birds.

  • Prices
    • Whole Chicken: $4.50/lb
  • Chicken Portions
    • Chicken Breast: $10.50/lb
    • Chicken Wings: $6.75/lb
    • Chicken Drumstick + Thigh: $7.00 per lb


We raise our turkeys beginning in June/July and grow them out on fresh pasture and feed throughout the summer and fall. This allows for our turkeys to be fresh just in time for Thanksgiving. Our turkey’s will weigh approximately 15-25lbs by Thanksgiving. We require a $30 deposit to reserve a turkey for Thanksgiving because of the value of these birds. For more information please contact us.

  • Whole Turkey: $4-$5/lb
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