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Our laying hens are given free access to an a couple acres of pasture to peck their way through brush, grass, and are also given Non-GMO feed from Sunrise Farms. Our eggs have vibrant deep yellow/orange yolks and thick shells.

Meat Birds (Whole and Cut Up)

Our meat birds are raised outside in mobile chicken tractors. These shelters keep the chickens protected from predators while allowing them to scratch through the pasture.

Once at the proper weight our birds are processed and usually weigh between 3 and 5 lbs. We offer both whole chicken and different cuts of chicken in the form of wings, legs and thighs, and breast. Prices are provided below. Prices vary from year to year based on the cost of feed.

  • Cuts Available
    • Whole Chicken
    • Chicken Portions
      • Chicken Breast
      • Chicken Wings
      • Chicken Leg Quarters
      • Ground Chicken

Stew Birds (Available Sporadically)

Our stew birds are old laying hens and old roosters. These birds have tougher meat than your usual chicken, but have a great flavor. This makes them perfect for soups and stocks.

  • Cuts Available:
    • Whole Chicken


Our Turkeys begin their lives in a warm, fluffy brooder until they are strong enough to withstand cold nightly temps. Once old enough they are moved out onto Pasture. This allows for our turkeys to be ready just in time for Thanksgiving. Our turkeys weigh between 12 and 22lbs. We require a $30 deposit to reserve a turkey for Thanksgiving. This deposit is applied to your final total. If the final price for a turkey is $60 then you would pay the remaining $30. For more information please contact us.

  • Cuts Available:
    • Whole Turkey
    • Ground Turkey
    • Turkey Breast
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