Meet the Raiche Family

Paul and Bri run Happy Hens NC, LLC with their 2 kids Gracie and Levi, from their small farm in extreme Northwest NC where TN, VA and NC meet. The farm ranges in elevation from 3400ft to 3600ft and is located in one of the coldest locations in all of North Carolina, known as Pond Mountain. This colder climate means a shorter than normal growing season and feet of snow each year. Flurries start in October and last through May.

Paul is a Volunteer Fireman and First Responder, a Software Engineer, a Farmer and a small business owner. Bri is active in her local Church in women’s groups and manages the house and indoor farm chores (egg cleaning, packaging, marketing, etc) while Paul manages daily outdoor farm chores when he gets off from his software engineer job.

Life continues there similar to the way it did a hundred years ago. Customers are familiar with the excellent chicken, turkey and eggs that Paul and Bri produce, but most are unaware that Bri and Paul produce much of their own food as a homestead separate from the farm business.

Each year Paul raises a few feeder hogs and often butchers them himself to provide pork for the family. The family raises a large garden each year including potatoes, onions, carrots, peas, beans, cucumbers, squash, pumpkins and more! Last year they processed and preserved 40lbs of carrots! Beef is procured from neighbors in the community. Perhaps one day you’ll run across Paul or Bri hauling farm supplies and produce on one of the many dirt roads that crisscross the high elevation community!

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