Meet the Farmer


The first half of Paul’s childhood began on an acre of pasture and an acre of swamp. From a young age he was harvesting wild onions to trade with his brother for pine boughs in their make-believe trading post, and, much to his mother’s dismay, raiding her flower garden for wild edible to eat with his supper. As he grew older he took an interest in Wilderness Survival, Farming, Self-Sustainability, History and, somewhat surprisingly, Computers.

Described as an old soul, and often as “A 90 year old man in a young man’s body” by his wife, Paul enjoys doing things the old-fashioned way. Paul often enjoys telling folks about his family heritage in North America, which stretches back to the founding of the Quebec colony in Canada, where his first traceable ancestor began a career as a surgeon, and ended as a farmer.

He also finds value in working, and creating with his hands. Paul learned carpentry and handyman skills from his father, and farming, traditional skills, and programming skills from books and experience. This love of working with his hands led Paul to increasingly explore the hands-on, nurturing work that farming provides and by 2018 he was excitedly setting up his first farm on land rented from a fellow Church member.

Paul is a proud Eagle Scout, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, and works full-time as a Software Engineer in addition to Farming. He was married to Bri DiPalmo, now Raiche, in the mountains of Ashe County in September 2017, right down the road from his parents house.

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