How We Farm

In our farming methods we simply treat a Chicken like a Chicken. This means chickens should be free to scratch, peck, and run out in nature. We believe livestock should be raised outside, on grass rather than packed in a building. And we believe that livestock should be treated respectfully and humanely rather than as a unit of production.

Our farm mission is to:

  • Treat livestock respectfully
    • We reject the business model of factory farms where profits are the only goal, and animal welfare takes a backseat.
  • Allow livestock to experience the outdoors
    • Livestock should be able to feel soil, and fresh air
  • Allow livestock to act as intended in nature
    • We believe it is better for animals to exhibit natural behaviors in the outdoors than to confine them into buildings and force them to exhibit unnatural behaviors
  • Support local businesses
    • We strongly believe in engaging in business with other local companies. Every dollar kept in our communities is another brick in the foundation of our local economy.

We are big fans of trying to reduce waste where possible. You may have noticed that nothing goes to waste in nature and everything is eventually returned into the soil. We seek to emulate that. As such our excess food scraps are either fed to chickens, or composted into rich soil for our garden. The entrails from our birds on processing day go back into the soil to decompose and provide needed nutrients for plants. We don’t use herbicide on our plants around the farm, instead we use natural ways to kill plants such as covering them with a tarp to block sunlight, or simply cut them with a pair of loppers.

We also implement parts of Permaculture on our farm, which is simply a nature-based methodology where we attempt to solve problems using solutions that nature provides. One such example is water for our chickens. We used to have to carry 5 gallon buckets filled with water out to the birds. After thinking for a while about nature-based solutions, we built a rain-catching system next to the coop that allows us to collect much of the needed drinking water for our birds.

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