Farm Practices

Our Farm Practices are fairly simple and straight forward

Raise animals in the environment that God intended

Put simply, God made chickens to scratch and pigs to root, so instead of trying to change their God-given behavior by stuffing them into industrial farm housing we say let them do what God made them to do! Let pigs root in dirt and pasture and let chickens scratch and forage! How much simpler can it get?

Use as much local farm products as possible

When our farm needs something, such as feed, we try to use local sources. This is why we made the decision years ago to swap exclusively to Sunrise Farms NON-GMO feed. Sunrise Farms is based in Virginia and this made our supply chain much more sturdy. This means that when big suppliers have issues getting their feed shipped in because of the complex, nationwide supply chain, we have minimal impacts because our supply chain for feed is just over the NC border into Virginia.

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