About Us

We believe that chickens ought to behave like chickens. Rather than stuffing poultry into large metal barns or cages we prefer to let them have free access to almost an acre of grass, dirt, brush and trees. This access allows our laying hens to scratch and peck resulting in a diverse diet of bugs, plants, seeds and chicken feed rather than the usual factory farm diet of solely chicken feed Our meat birds are raised in a chicken tractor rather than the industry standard of a large chicken house. Our chicken tractor is a rectangular shelter where the floor is grass and dirt rather than just bedding mixed with manure. Each day the chicken tractor is moved to a new patch of grass and dirt, giving fresh bedding to our meat birds. Come processing time, we treat these birds as a living animal rather than as a “unit of production”. Our birds are processed humanely on the edge of the woods rather than in a concrete and metal processing plant. The products that we farm are the same products that we use ourselves! This keeps us accountable not only to the customer, but also to ourselves. We eat our own poultry meat, our own eggs and we raise our own chicks. We encourage you to explore the rest of our website to learn about our farming methods!
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